Belonging settlements in Platanos:

Corinthian balcony: Located near the village Paralia Platanou rising from the old highway Korinthos-Patra, for Platanos. Amazing location with unique view.

Ano Potamia: Partial settlements in Ano Potamia are Katomenianika, Xotianika, Revela and
Ela (fountain).

Tsivlos: The settlement Tsivlos is located near the homonymous lake. The scenery surpasses the imagination and the story of the creation of the lake fills you with awe, when you realize, how a huge disaster created such a miracle.

You can reach the village of Ano Potamia and Tsivlos via two routes.

ROUTE A: From  Krathio (AKRATA) to Tsivlos (Lake), provincial asphalt road 34 km. From Tsivlos to Ano Potamia, dirt road with satisfactory patency 2.3 km.

ROUTE B: From Platanos to Kalamias provincial asphalt road 3.8 km. And from Kalamias to Ano Potamia 14.2 km. dirt road. After  a road trip of 2.3 km. we reach Tsivlos.


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